Lash Extensions & Lash lift


Nova​Lash Extensions are THE best (and safest!) way to enhance your own natural lashes with beautiful, perfectly curled, flawless lashes. Your lash artist will skillfully place a pre-curled, synthetic lash on each one of your own individual natural lashes.  You and your lash artist will have a brief consultation before your first appointment where you will decide just how full, how long, and how glamourous you wish your lashes to be.


At Nine Skin + Lash Lounge we use an award-winning, long-lasting, medical-grade lash adhesive that is known as the healthiest and safest professional eyelash extension bond.  It is made in the USA and formaldehyde free.

Nine Skin + Lash Lounge is leading the industry in Bellingham in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman's natural beauty.
Classic lashes, full set - $160
2 or 3 Week Fill time - $70(90 min.)
Hybrid lashes, full set - $190
2 or 3 week fill time - $80(90min)
If a client is missing more than 1/2 their lashes it will be considered a full set. 
Lash Lifting is taking the beauty industry by storm. This treatment is perfect for clients who can’t tolerate lash extensions or just want to have their natural lashes curled without the hassle of using a lash curler. The Lash Lift is a low-maintenance lash perm that lifts and enhances natural lashes for up to 8 weeks! Using silicone shields and a series of cream solutions, the Lash Lift curls, sets, and conditions natural lashes, leaving your lashes with long-lasting natural looking lift.
Lash Lift - $75
With Tint - $90